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About Us

Hi! Welcome to Blue Girl Designs! I am so happy you decided to stop by. We are a small business created by me, Jessica. Currently I am a stay at home mom caring for my two daughters and pets. The name, Blue Girl Designs, was created in our basement by brainstorming ideas. It is always a team effort with our family and that's how we got our name. The blue girl rose is my favorite flower and what my husband drew as a gift for me over 20 years ago when we started dating. Having something sentimental and personal in my business name was important because I want to create personal items for you. Each item purchased is handcrafted with love by my family and I.  

There are many tests and fails of the product to ensure the item you receive is perfect. The excitement I felt when I made my first personal mug, is the same joy I hope you feel when you receive your items from me. Remember, you can customize each item and make it personal for you. I am always available to answer questions and am happy to help. My business may be small, but I hope my impact is big.